Everyday Technologies specializes in the manufacturer of sheet metal fabrications made precisely to customer specifications and fabricated on state of the art equipment using robust quality and process systems.

From initial request for quotation to final part delivery Everyday Technologies has developed robust system to support your fabricated parts requirements. Our engineers work with your design team to create the most manufacturable and cost effective part that meets your design needs. Our advance advanced production and quality planning ensures your part is right the first time and every time.

Part production takes place on our technologically advanced equipment such as Trumpf lasers, Amada Turret Presses, Amada Press brakes, Panasonic and Miller welders, Minster stamping presses.

Everyday Technologies Services include

Short Run Production


Decades of working with customer engineering groups has created an extremely effective part development and process control routine at Everyday. We process up to 100 new parts and part revisions each week in support of our customers’ heavy design demands. Prior to production, process control and verification is developed for each part. First Article quality documents are created on each new part. FMEA and PPAP are standard disciplines within our new part / part revision development procedures.

All part documentation and programs are stored electronically for future use, regardless of the frequency of production. Many customers have returned 10 years since last production looking for specialty parts to service their valued customers Everyday can complete the task.

Prototyping and production runs of 1 are not uncommon for many of Everyday’s highly specialized machine manufacturers. The flexibility of Everyday’s manufacturing equipment and processes have turned these jobs from a chore into standard practice.

Stamping Press


To support the total part life cycle, from prototype to full production to service part, Everyday’s stamping operations takes control of the part once it becomes a runner. First production part knowledge is transferred within one vendor instead of training a whole new group on a part. Capital investment is lower as Everyday transitions the part through its flexible manufacturing systems. Capital outlays can be delayed until the product is a clear success, warranting the investment.

New project introductions are better controlled with a single source party like Everyday. Adaptations to the product are easier and inventories are better controlled through the product life cycle.

Finally, as part life cycle entering the declining stages and customers still require part support, Everyday can transition the part back through the production system for lower volume parts. This support gives customers confidence that they can meet long term service part requirements for their valued customers.

Welded Fabrications

welded fabrication

Everyday specializes in both high and low production weldments of up to 48” cube and up to 2,000 pounds. Welding certifications include MIG, TIG, and robotic welding for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. All welders have been trained through the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology. Controlling the part development process at Everyday allows the introduction of techniques to maximize weld throughput and minimize man-hours at welding. For non-automated weld operations, controlling the parts going into the weld cell reduces the time needed to complete the weld operations and guarantees finished part quality.

Prototype Development:

Our engineers work with your design team to create the most manufacturable and cost effective part that meets your design requirements.


Everyday is committed to advanced production and quality planning to ensure your part is made right the first time and every time.

Part Production:

Your parts are programmed and produced on state of the art equipment that allows Everyday flexibility in production as well as the ability to hold precise tolerances to meet you need.


Part Blanking – Parts are blanked out on our laser, turret punch system or stamping press systems.

Part Forming – Parts are formed on our precision press brakes or stamping presses.

Part Welding – Parts are welded on MIG, TIG or robotic welding systems.

Machine Services – Added operations to fabrications include PEM insertion, tapping, milling, counter bores and rolling. Everyday also uses 3rd party sources for difficult machined parts that are assembled or welded into finished parts.

Part Finishing – Everyday has 2 powder paint systems. This gives our customers a reduced lead times as well as a single source for a complete fabrication. Additionally we can provide black oxide, zinc plating, nickel plating and electroplating services.

Assembly Operations – Everyday provides its customers add on services such gasketing, special marking, special packaging and assembling of your parts.

Packaging and Warehousing – Everyday understands that our customers need a robust system to ensure parts are delivered safely and in good shape. We have developed a system to package and delivered you parts and this is thought out in advance and not after the fact.


Everyday carries a wide variety of materials to satisfy our customers needs. We carry as a standard mild steel, stainless, aluminum and galvanized sheets. All types of specialty materials are available to us through our extensive supplier network.