We have been serving equipment manufacturers for decades. Everyday’s sheet metal and fabrication processes cover the full range of production parts managed by our customers: prototype to high volume, simple to complex. From the beginning process of blanking a part, through form, welding, and final finishing, all parts are processed across state of the art equipment with control processes designed to make every run a successful run.

Process and quality control are at the heart of the Everyday process. The progress of each order is tracked in real time through the production system. The Everyday control process records all critical quality features as an order is processed. Upon completion of the order, quality data is available confirming conformance to customer order requirements.

The true mark of our capabilities is our ability to perform where others either refuse or are incapable. We believe Everyday can be one of your most valued suppliers.

Our Equipment:

5000 laser system

5000 Watt Laser System

This state of the art laser combines innovative technology as well as higher laser output (5000 watts) that optimizes operation. This laser is capable of cutting up to 1” mild steel and offers quick changeover features that now allows Everyday to process your parts with incredible speed and accuracy.

TLF 4000 Lasers with Autoload System

Two TLF 4000 lasers, synchronized with a 36 pallet material storage system, allows Everyday to provide customers with the most competitive prices available in the industry. The machines are programmable for 24 – 7 unattended service.

The flexibility of the system means Everyday can sequence virtually any thickness of material with no setup or tooling costs. Offline, Everyday uses two Mazak lasers to run expedited jobs without breaking into the main laser system.

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Amada Vipros Turret Press Line

For higher quantity runs, Everyday uses its one of it three Vipros Turret lines with 6 pallet material storage system. Particularly effective for lighter gauge materials, the turret system is an excellent process for blanking out hole intensive parts. At 300 hits per minute, the turret is 4 times faster than a laser at making holes.

Automated Coil-fed Press Lines

For high volume production, Everyday utilizes one of five fully automated press lines between 150 and 330 tons. Bed sizes range up to 48” x 108”. Sensors monitor a dozen data inputs to make sure the presses are running to their optimal configuration, protecting expensive tool investments, and ensuring maximum quality production

These automated lines are supplemented with 10 semi-automated lines and hand fed presses for secondary operations.

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Robotic Forming Cell

Two 7 axis robots form parts to a program developed offline. Parts are precisely positioned for forming which eliminates the variability of manual part manipulation. The formed features of some parts do not allow processing through this machine. Principally it is used for higher volume runs.

Panasonic Robotic Weld Cell

To boost overall production weld levels and handle highly flexible demand in weld processes, Everyday has installed robotic welding cells. In-house fixture and program development make the cells adaptable to real time demands while keeping capital investment low for Everyday customers.

Autostore Load Unload for Trumpf Lasers

Everyday’s automated load/unload tower system supplies our laser with raw material as well as return cut parts back to storage area. The ability to quickly and safely changeover material provides our customers with flexibility needed for quick delivery and reduced inventory.

Powder Coating Systems

Everyday provides customized powder coating services for both short and long runs. Everyday has a conveyor system with quick changeover for high production and also multiple paint colors The rack processed batch system pictured is used for short run, specialty work. Electrostatic powder is applied in an environmentally controlled room and then baked in gas fired ovens for an excellent finish.